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"Mrs. Royce has been heaven sent. Divorce can be a very trying time, but I am sure that she would attest to the fact that my divorce has probably been one of the most contentious cases of her career. You name it I had to go through it during this divorce. Mrs. Royce was able to get a Ex Parte order so that I would be able to retrieve my children after the father attempted to gain custody across state lines. Even after dealing with custody there were so many other challenges and she was present every step of the way and willing to answer ALL of my silly questions and concerns. I am proud to say that I have sole custody of my 3 children, and my divorce is near to come. Mrs. Royce responded with urgency and was very realistic and did not provide false expectations. She is a wonderful advocate and I would recommend her, without hesitation, to anyone searching for a extremely knowledgeable, caring and dependable attorney."


I was very pleased with Mrs. Royce's services. She was confident, knowledgeable, reassuring, and very professional. She gave a great effort to help me understand the legal aspects of my case, and where I stood and what the probability of me winning my case was. She was outstanding in representing me in court, and fulfilled my expectations. I feel like my money was well spent. I would definitely recommend Mrs. Royce to others and will absolutely seek her services again should I need representation in this arena.


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